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Baked Sardines and Artichokes

February 5th, 2010

Sarde al Forno Con Carciofi

In an earlier post I mentioned a recent trip to Puglia in southern Italy where I met Aldo in his beautiful trattoria. He invited me back to have a night in his restaurant and celebrate with a full selection of artichoke dishes on his menu. I’m going to be heading down there in late April to help him out in the kitchen for a couple of days and try to record as many recipes as he throws at me.

This recipe comes from Puglia known for its its rich and fertile agricultural terrain,  producing the largest amount of olive oil and vegetables (including artichokes) in Italy.  It is also blessed with some of the most stunning and unspoiled coastline remaining in the country and so boasts a healthy presence of fish and seafood on menus but I’m not sure that this dish is in Aldo’s repertoire as he is not a coastal dweller.