This page is dedicated to the people who support this blog and have helped me get it to where it is.

First and foremost, Josh Raymond, who is behind the scenes hosting this site and giving me 24 hour support, advice, tips, design and technical expertise.

My wife Alice, who has always supported my creative ideas and participates in me expressing my passion for food, especially a passion for eating. I’m waiting for the day when she might say she is a little tired of artichokes.

My mum, for sowing the seed of my love for artichokes. Generally every Italian’s mother is the best cook in the world. This is no different in my case. My mother makes the greatest stuffed artichokes I’ve ever tried. She has always been open to my enquiry and collaboration in the kitchen. Heartwarming.

My dad, for raising me around an abundant garden and making me appreciate fresh, healthy home grown produce. Most Italians of my folks generation grew many of their own vegetables, made their own tomato sauce,  baked their own bread, made their own salami, preserved their vegetables. My dad with my mum drove all these activities in my back yard and still continue to keep up their traditional tricks.

My next door neighbours, Laurie and Jim, who allow me to use their oven for baking some of these , and many other dishes. Pretty soon I will be asking them for some props for the art department.

Jay Reeves, artist and book designer, who volunteered her consultancy before I started this blog. Her research and advice motivated me to get a start on this venture with the aim of turning into a book publishing project.

My friends in Torino, who are really my guinea pigs and who are always happy and willing to try my artichoke experiments  from the kitchen. They have encouraged me in the pursuit of my ideas.

My blogger friends Diego, Lucas and Pia  who have given me inspiration when it comes to blog life.

To the brother and sister Castelli, who published, The Sensuous Artichoke. They have artichokes in their blood and have shown a passion for this vegetable like few others have. From time to time I refer to their work in this blog.

The countless individuals I have had the pleasure to encounter on the path to making this project rich and fulfilling.

All of my friends who have given me feedback on their views of this project.

And the countless number of food lovers and food bloggers who create a community that is nice to be a part of.

Thank you