A Note on Lemon Water


Also known as acidulated water, lemon water is used to to keep the freshly cut artichoke from browning. Some people rub lemon right onto the cut artichoke flesh. You can only really do that when preparing whole large chokes or a small amount of large chokes. For smaller chokes and small pieces, you’re better off having some lemon water ready.

This is the easiest concoction you will find on this blog. Simply fill a bowl or pot with water and squeeze the juice of a lemon into it. The ratio can be 1 lemon to 1.5- 2 litres. If you’ve washed the lemon, you can throw in the lemon pieces after juicing it.

NB. Lemon does not really combine well with artichoke. One is sour, the other astringent. It’s main purpose here is to retard oxidisation/browning of the artichoke flesh. If presentation of the artichoke is not of paramount importance, then the lemon water can be skipped.

Only use vinegar as a substitute if you’re absolutely desperate. Vinegar is stronger than lemon juice and tends to penetrate the flesh of the artichoke, altering the flavour.
Try not to leave the artichokes in lemon water overnight. Ideally they shouldn’t stay in the water for more than a few of hours.